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The national language of Botswana is Setswana, however English is an official language of the country. English is widely spoken, especially in the lodges and hotels. Translators are also available in certain regions via prior request.


The national currency is the Pula, which is divided into100 Thebe. The easiest currencies to convert in Botswana are the US dollar, GB Pound and South African Rand. Foreign currency and travelers checks can be changed at banks, bureaux de change and authorized hotels


Banking hours are usually from Monday to Friday 

08h30 to 15h30 

​and Saturdays 

08h30 to 10h30

ATMs will accept most visa cards, and most credit cards can be used in accommodating lodges and hotels.


There is WIFI available at most lodges and hotels, however some are located in remote areas that will not be covered by internet or cellphone reception. SIM cards can be purchased in most shops. The main cellular network providers are Mascom, Orange and Mobile. 

The dialing code for Botswana is +267.


Botswana is two hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time. 


One hour ahead of Central European Time. Seven hours ahead of Eastern USA time. Ten hours ahead of Western USA time.


Botswana in considered on of the healthiest countries in sub-Saharan Africa. There are good health care facilities available across the country. it is recommended that visitors begin a course of anti-malaria tablets prior to entering the country. It is advisable to keep your valuables locked away or on your person. 


Citizens of most Commonwealth countries do not need visas to enter into Botswana. For countries where Botswana has no diplomatic representation, visa processing is available through British Embassies and High Commissions. 


Please click here for visa requirements for your country.


Electricity is supplied at 220/240V in Botswana, and there are charging facilities in almost every lodge and hotel. Most will also have international adaptors available however it is wise to travel with one incase. There are several shops in Maun and Kasane where basic commodities can be obtained. 

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