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OR Tambo's new baggage restrictions

OR Tambo International Airport in Johannesburg has announced that they will be implementing new restrictions on checked baggage for all travellers departing from the airport.

The new restrictions have been put in place to increase the operational efficiency of luggage processing. Bags that are rounded or shapeless, have long hanging straps and do not have at least one flat surface will no longer be checked in at the airport. This is because these types of bags cause the baggage handling system to jam, resulting in delays for passengers and aircrafts.

This new rule is in compliance with international baggage standards, which states that only regular shaped bags with one flat surface and short straps will be acceptable for check in. There is a baggage wrapping service available for those who find that their luggage does not meet the check in requirements at the airport. Travellers can pay to have their bags wrapped and have a flat surface inserted in order for their bags to meet the requirements. This is a cost that will be for the passengers own account.

The normal rules for hand luggage will still apply.

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