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Zambia is preparing for the 2019 Livingstone International Culture & Arts Festival!

Zambia is getting ready for it's fifth annual Livingstone International Culture & Arts Festival.

The event is set to take place from 4 to 6 April 2019 in Livingstone. The festival was launched in 2013, and is considered one of the quickest growing events in Africa. The festival will showcase arts and culture unique to around 73 different tribes spread across the country. This is expected to be a wonderfully rich display of Zambian heritage and culture. The festival will include local delicacies and unique cuisine, displays of traditional dance, locally made art and crafts as well as an exciting carnival procession that will be approximately 3km long.

Livingstone is a fantastic destination to experience distinctive history and culture, as well as exciting activities like a dinner on the Royal Livingstone Express steam train!

Book your trip to Livingstone now to make sure you don't miss out on this once in a lifetime event, email for accommodation and activities in Livingstone.

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