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Zambia to increase water flow over Victoria Falls

It has been announced that the ZESCO will help increase the natural flow of water over the Victoria Falls during the day on the Zambian side.

The water flow over the falls on the Zambian side has become very low during the dry season, due to the power plant making use of the flowing water to generate electricity. There have recently been negotiations to increase the flow of water over the falls during the day, in order to for visits to the Victoria Falls to be more pleasant on the Zambian side. The negotiations have been successful and it has been agreed that the hydro power plant will take off less water during the day, which has resulted in increased water flow over the falls. This has allowed for an enhanced experience for tourists visiting the region to view the spectacular Victoria Falls.

“I have just spent the morning with John Zulu, site manager of the Victoria Falls World Heritage site in Livingstone, Zambia seeing the dramatic changes now that ZESCO has reduced the amount of water they draw off the Falls during the day. The result is spectacular. Many thanks to Mr Victor Mudende CEO ZESCO and Clint Kombe the Station Manager for their valuable co-operation," said Peter Jones, who has been responsible for leading negotiations between the parties.

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