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South Africa announces more visa exempt countries

South Africa plans to allow visitors from several countries entrance into the country without obtaining visas.

This was announced alongside the news that the new eVisa system will be operational from November this year. Tourists from seven new countries will now join the list of foreigners who do not require a visa to visit South Africa. Visitors from New Zealand, UAE, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Sao Tome and Principe, Ghana and Cuba will be now be visa exempt.

"We have toiled tirelessly to get these absolute no-brainers removed as barriers. We commend the Minister of Home Affairs and his team, we look forward to working with them in terms of other liberalisations for ease of access. We are particularly encouraged by the additional capacity at Home Affairs. We may even urge it to offer more capacity, because it's the single biggest stumbling block to our growth in both India and China." - David Frost, the CEO of the Southern African Tourism Services Association

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