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Victoria Falls Safari Lodge switches to reusable glass bottles

Victoria Falls Safari Lodge, Victoria Falls Safari Club and Victoria Falls Safari Suites in replacing plastic water bottles with glass bottles in an effort to go plastic free.

Plastic water bottles will now be replaced with reusable glass bottles, which will be filled with water purified by the on site Natura water system. After use, the bottles are washed and sterilised before being refilled with either still or sparkling water. This will result in over 80 000 less plastic bottles being used per year at the lodges. The Boma will soon follow suit.

"We shall now aim to reduce and then remove as much other plastic as possible from our operations, to a point in 2021 where there is hopefully zero – for example, plastic laundry bags, plastic shopping bags and other plastic bottles, such as juice bottles." - Ross Kennedy, CEO of Africa Albida

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